Grade 8 Science

IOWA Testing Week
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Science 8 Class of 2019
Daily review is essential to academic success
**Please Note: Homework/Lab/Testing Schedule may change due to Classroom Interruptions/Special Events/Assemblies/Needed Reinforcement of Concepts**Student Assignment Pads are Utilized Daily!

Week of March 18-March 22, 2019

Important: S.T.R.E.A.M. CLASS
Students in the Aquinas School are preparing for the AMBS S.T.R.E.A.M. Fair being held in the Spring. Members of each group are collectively building a prototype trying to solve an important issue locally and/or globally. Students were assigned the role of project manager, marketing manager, design engineer, or country expert and completed important parts of their project.
*Materials were due after Christmas break. It is essential that teams start building and testing! Each member is responsible for bringing in supplies agreed upon. This will affect your technology/media and science grades

New Chapter Topic: “Respiratory System” p. 574
…functions of the respiratory system
…breathing and respiration p. 575
p. 576 organs of the respiratory system

The Hardy-Weinberg Principle
P2 + 2pq =q2 = 1*Math Link
If completed early: Genetics Project Due April 4

p. 577 organs of the respiratory system (continued)
p. 577 
bronchi and lungs
p. 578 Why do you breathe?
…inhaling and exhaling
Homework: Section 1 Review (1-6) p. 582

pg. 580-582 Diseases and disorders of the respiratory system
…lung cancer
Homework: Section 1 Review/Reinforcement
Respiratory System 
pg. 25 & 29

Presentations (continued)
“Classification System” Project:
Objective: to understand how living organisms are classified
Next Week: Lab
Project: Advances in Genetics Journal Due April 4