Grade 8 Science

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Science 8 Class of 2019
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Week of December 10-December 14, 2018

Completion-Lab Activity: Meiosis Models
Objective: To understand the process of Meiosis I and II
pg. 107 Summary of Meiosis
…Mistakes in Meiosis
Section 3: DNA p. 110 Introduction
Objectives: Identify the parts of a DNA molecule
and its structure; 
explain how DNA copies itself;
describe the structure and function of each kind of RNA 
Christmas Concert Rehearsal
1:30 pm-2:50 pm
No Science

“Classification System”
Project: Objective: to understand how living
organisms are classified
8B-No Class (Christmas Concert)

p. 113 RNA Ribonucleic Acid
…3 types of RNA
…mRNA-messenger RNA
…rRNA-ribosomal RNA
…tRNA-transfer RNA 
Homework: pg. 27 and 33 DNA (reinforcement)

Grade 8 Class Trip-No School

“Classification System” Project:
Objective: to understand how living organisms are classified