Grade 8 Science

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Science 8 Class of 2019
Daily review is essential to academic success
**Please Note: Homework/Lab/Testing Schedule may change due to Classroom Interruptions/Special Events/Assemblies/Needed Reinforcement of Concepts**Student Assignment Pads are Utilized Daily!

Week of September 24-September 28, 2018

Section 1: “Cell Structure” continued
identify explain the importance of the
nucleus & all cell organelles; compare tissues, organs, & organ systems                       
Homework: read pg. 38-45 Section 1
Answer questions pg. 45 (1-6) in notebook
Section 1: “Cell Structure” Completed: Organelles
Mitochondria/Endoplasmic Reticulum 
(Smooth and Rough)/Lysosomes/Golgi Apparatus (Body)/
Homework: Section 1 Reinforcement-Cell Structure
pg. 27 
 & pg. 33 Section Review Sheet

diagrams of animal and plant cell; understand the
between plant and animal cells & 
eukaryotic & prokaryotic cells
…includes diagrams
Homework: pg. 37 & 22 Cells (Review)

Lab: “Microscope Lab” pg. 46
Objective: students will identify and compare the
parts of a plant & 
animal cell
Lab Report Notebook Due:
After Completion of Lab (in notebook)
Include conclude & apply questions p. 46

Special Early Dismissal @ 12 PM
Students will be assigned a Kingdom of the
classification system
Hand-out Classification Project Rubric


Project:“Classification System”