Grade 6 Science

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Science 6 Class of 2021
Daily review is essential to academic success
**Please Note: Homework/Lab/Testing Schedule may change due to Classroom Interruptions/Special Events/Assemblies/Needed Reinforcement of Concepts**Student Assignment Pads are Utilized Daily!
Week of September 17-September 21, 2018

 Review Homework Due Today
Some students completed assignment in class
Metric Conversion Problems (on Board) 
…Scientific Notation
Homework: Metric System and Scientific Notation
Practice Problems

Lab Activity:
1.  Questions pg. 49 (1-7) on measurement
2.  Math Skills Activity pg. 48
Precision vs. Significant Numbers
Lab Report Due: Questions Due Upon Completion

Chapter 2/Section 2 pg. 50-54 “SI Units”
Section 3: pg. 56-59
Review importance of graphing
Line graph/Bar graph/Circle graph

Lab: “Forming a Hypothesis”
Objective: Students will develop their own hypothesis
based on 
observations and results
Lab Report Due: Tuesday, September 25

Test: Scientific Notation and Metric System Conversion
…length…volume…mass…types of graphs