Math: Mrs. Harding


2018 Summer Assignments:
Please click HERE for an introduction letter on IXL work and expectations

Please find specific assignments below:
Incoming 6th Grade

Incoming 7th Grade

Incoming 8A Class

Incoming 8B Class

** The required number of questions to be correctly answered is a MINIMUM! Please encourage your children to practice on a regular basis.

*Any written work done in order to complete these practice problems should be handed in on Monday, September 10, 2018. 

Click HERE for the Middle School Mathematics Syllabus
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Curriculum, Supporting Textbooks and Online Material

Algebra curriculum map

Algebra Textbook


Pre-Algebra curriculum map

Pre-Algebra Textbook

Grade 7 Math
Grade 7 Math curriculum map

Grade 6 Textbook

Holt McDougal Grade 7 Mathematics (online textbook access)
Grade 6 Math
Grade 6 Math curriculum map

Grade 6 Textbook

Holt McDougal Grade 6 Mathematics (online textbook access)
Summer Work

Incoming Grade 6 Summer Math Packet

Incoming Grade 7 Summer Math Packet

Incoming Grade 8 Summer Math Packet
(* HINT: remember, you can use cross multiplication to solve any proportion, you may also need to apply the distributive property)