Social Studies: Mr. Sullivan

Welcome to Mr. S's Social Studies Page!
Please refer to the google class page for the current homework assignments 

Contact Information

Homeroom Policies 
Attendance: All students must be unpacked and in their seats by 8:40 when the bell rings. Any student who is in the hall or at their lockers will be marked late. This policy is strictly enforced. Multiple lates will result in a recess detention.

Late Work Policy
All work is expected to be in on time the day it is due. Homework will be accepted up to one day late for half credit. Work turned in more than one day late will not be accepted. 

Projects and homework graded as a quiz will be subtracted one letter grade every day that they are late for up to three days. On the fourth day it will be counted as a zero.

Absences: If you are absent, as middle school students it is your responsibility to see me once you return to arrange to receive any missing class notes or make up any work missed. 

Homework Grading
All homework should be neat and labeled with your name and the date the assignment is due. All answers must be in complete sentences.  

100 - Shows mastery. Marked as a + on assignments 

92 - One question incorrect. Marked as a check plus mark on assignments

82 - Two questions incorrect. Marked as a check minus on assignments.  

75 - More than three questions questions incorrect/ one word answers. Marked as a - on assignments

50 - Half complete/ One day late/ Little effort

0 - Not turned in

Everyone should be reviewing their notes nightly. Pop quizzes/reading checks are always possible!