5th Grade: World Geography

Current Unit: Migration


First Trimester

Unit I: Being a Geographer

The Tools of Geography

Thematic Maps

Second Trimester
Unit II: U.S. and Canada 
            U.S. and Canada Mapping Lab

Settlement Patterns and Ways of Life in Canada

The Great Lakes and Urban Sprawl in North America

Consumption Patterns in the U.S.

            Migration to the U.S.

Third Trimester
Unit III: Latin America - Latin America Mapping Lab

                Spatial Inequality in Mexico City

                Indigenous Cultures: The Maya

                Dealing with Extreme Weather

                Land Use in the Amazon Rainforest

                Life in the Central Andes

Unit IV: Europe and Russia - Europe and Russia Mapping Lab

                The European Union

                Population Growth and Decline In Europe

                Transnational Pollution

                Russian Geography

                The Old Soviet Empire

Unit V: Africa - Africa Mapping Lab

                The Nile

                Life in the Sahara and the Sahel

                Women in Africa


                South Africa

Unit VI: The Middle East - Southwest and Central Asia Mapping Lab



                The Aral Sea

Unit VII: Monsoon Asia - Monsoon Asia Mapping Lab

                The Effects of Monsoons

                Outsourcing to India

                Mount Everest


                Life in Japan

                Outsourcing to Asia

Unit VIII: Oceania and Antarctica - Oceania Mapping Lab


                The Pacific