7th Grade: US History: The First Americans to the Civil War

Project (song or political attack ad) Due Monday March 26

3/15/18 Subwork - take notes off of video lecture

Current Unit:

The Federalist Era

Essential Questions:

  • How did the Federalist and Republican visions for the United States differ?
  • How do governments change?
  • How did political parties evolve?
  • Should political opposition have the right to criticize the government?





The Washington Administration

  • Precedents
  • The Cabinet
  • The Judiciary Act of 1789



3/1 - 3/2

Hamilton’s Economic Vision

  • Challenges and Goals
  • The Plan
  • The Compromise
  • The First Bank of the United States
  • Tariffs and Taxes

262 2-5


Federalist Domestic and Foreign Policy I

  • The Whiskey Rebellion
  • The Battle of Fallen Timbers



Federalist Domestic and Foreign Policy II

  • The French Revolution
  • Proclamation of Neutrality
  • Jay’s Treaty
  • Pinckney’s Treaty



The First Political Parties

  • Washington’s Farewell Address
  • The Federalists
  • The Democratic Republicans
  • The Election of 1796

266 2-6


The Adams Presidency

  • The XYZ Affair
  • The Quasi War
  • The Alien and Sedition Acts
  • The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
  • The Convention of 1800

272 2-6




Review sheets due (will not be collected or graded)


The Federalist Era Test


Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Important Links

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1st Trimester
The First Americans
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Settling the British Colonies
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2nd Trimester
The Road to Revolution 
The American Revolution
The Articles of Confederation/The Constitution 
The Federalist Era

3rd Trimester
The Jeffersonian Era
The Era of Good Feelings
The Jacksonian Era
Antebellum America
Worlds of the North and South (take home)
Slavery and Abolition 
Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War 
1850s: The Union Shatters 
The Civil War

tar and feather

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