Archdiocese of Newark Technology Curriculum Maps

Middle School


Students are using the Engineering Design Process to solve one global issue.  They have been conducting independent research on global problems, existing solutions, criteria, constraints, and countries.  After they identify a problem to solve and a country with that problem, they select a company name, design a company logo, and create a tri-fold brochure.

They eventually will build their prototype or create their campaign.  They work collaboratively to identify the materials they will need for the build, research country resources, and identify how others have tried to solve the problem.

Topics Covered

Google Classroom

Introduction to Chromebooks

Internet research

Citing sources (online resources and Google Docs Add-ons)

Engineering Design Process (EDP)

Design theory and principles

Logo design (online paint program)

Psychology of color

Charts and graphs (Google Sheets)

Design layout (Canva, SumoPaint, Google Drawings)

Typography (Serif and Sans serif)

Print and web media

Scriptwriting (Google Docs)

Storyboarding (Google Slides)

Upper Elementary

Students in 4th and 5th grades are exploring biographies.  They are reading about and researching one person who made or is making a significant contribution to society.  They will eventually become that person when they participate in the school's Living Wax Museum.


Grade 3 students are busy becoming digital storytellers.  They are using an online application that allows them to select an illustrator for their picture book.  They are practicing the elements of story writing by adhering to a beginning, middle, and end during which a problem is solved.

Grade 2 students are conducting a character study of a series --specifically, Henry and Mudge.  As they gain insight into the characters' habits, likes, dislikes, etc., they will create a backdrop and script for a stop motion video.  They are tasked with continuing the series by creating a new adventure for the characters and maintaining the characters' personalities.

Transitions, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 students are learning proper computer terminology and proper use of tablets and laptops.  They are exploring the various web browsers and are navigating bookmarks and websites on their own and with some guidance.


Students in the Pre-K program first listen to a read aloud story then discuss aspects of the story or make predictions about the story's events.

After the story, students learn how to properly use an iPad and laptop.  They learn the proper terminology for the parts of the various electronic devices, the apps, and the functions of the buttons, etc.  During this time, they practice letters, letter sounds, math concepts, and listen to stories and songs.